They’re at it again. 

For the 3rd time in 4 years, OMERS is pushing a proposal to eliminate guaranteed indexing which, if passed, could allow inflation to erode the value of our pension. 

The OMERS Sponsors Corporation (SC) Board of Directors is barging ahead during a pandemic with a vote to eliminate guaranteed indexing on June 24th, a plan that has already been rejected twice. This, despite tens of thousands of us already demanding that they postpone the vote until after the COVID-19 crisis. 

Will you add your name to defend guaranteed indexing and a dignified retirement for all?

The OMERS SC Board of Directors is made up of 50% Worker Representatives and 50% Employer Representatives. The proposal to eliminate our guaranteed indexing requires a two-thirds vote to pass. We know the Employer Representatives have been pushing this for years. 

If Worker Representatives stand united, we will defeat this harmful proposal and defend our guaranteed indexing. We know we can count on the CUPE Ontario, CUPE Local 79 and OPSEU Representatives to vote NO – but that won’t be enough.

It’s important that the Board Members hear from the workers that they represent. We need to speak out and tell them to stand united and vote NO to eliminating our guaranteed indexing.

If it passes, this proposal will eliminate an important and valuable pension benefit for OMERS members. It will mean OMERS members, particularly younger workers, will have less valuable, and less secure pensions in retirement. 

To understand just how bad “Shared Risk Indexing” really is, CUPE Ontario has developed a Frequently Asked Questions which can be found by clicking here.