On Monday, October 31st the Ontario Government took an emboldened move of introducing legislation not only imposing a 4-year Collective Agreement on 55,000 OSBCU-CUPE education workers but also using the Notwithstanding Clause and strips the Union from proceeding with any Charter Challenge or Human Rights complaints.

This comes after a province-wide strike vote where more than 45,000 OSBCU-CUPE members voted they would take strike action if a negotiated settlement to address the lowest wages in the sector (the average wage of the education sector is $39,000 annually) were not achieved as well as service improvements for students and communities.

This Friday, regardless of the status of the legislation OSBCU-CUPE members will conduct political protests across the province to condemn their rights to collective bargaining being attacked. MPP Offices in Communities Across all of Eastern Ontario will be a target. As an Executive Board and Council we encourage CUPE 503 Members to support these political protests in Solidarity with Education Workers.

So far we have received the Protest Locations for the Ottawa-area but by following OSBCU you can get additional addresses that will be released later today:

Merrillee Fullerton Office (intersection of Eagleson and Micheal Coplen)

Chandra Pasma Office (Merivale and Meadowlands)

Lisa Macleod Office (Greenbank and Fallowfield)

Stephen Blais (tenth line and Innes)

Intersection of St-Laurent and Cyrville

In addition to supporting the Political Protests there are 2 Online Actions Members can take to send a message to the Ontario Government that Collective Bargaining rights need to be protected.

Click Here for the CUPE Ontario Action to Send a Message Don’t Be a Bully to the Ontario Government

Click Here for the Ontario Federation of Labour Action Hands Off Workers’ Rights

To Learn More about What is at Stake for OSBCU-CUPE Education Workers within the Legislation Here is a FACT SHEET that breaks it down.

To engage using your personal social media accounts you can also follow OSBCU on Twitter or on Facebook